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Climate & Environment

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    Environment - Our View

    Wells City Council has committed to reduce the negative impact of what we do on the environment we live in as well as the effects of our carbon emissions and footprint on the climate change. We have 2 working groups of councillors and members from the community to maintain a focus on improving attitudes, behaviours and actions of Wells City Council and the wider community. We invite you to join in our efforts.

    Wells City Council Climate emergency Motion

    Wells City Council Sustainability Report October 2022

    Wells CAN Do February 2023

    NEW Survey on Carbon Footprint - ENDS 31/12/2023

    Wells Environment Network (WEN)

    The Wells Environment Network is a forum for all people and organisations who support conservation and decarbonisation in the City of Wells and the surrounding area.
    •    To promote and champion environmentalism in Wells, find consensus on environmental issues, and provide a platform for people to express and debate views on how to achieve better environmental outcomes for the city. 
    •    To highlight work underway in the local area 
    •    To galvanise environmental action within Wells and mobilise people to achieve positive environmental change. 
    •    To establish a supportive network and facilitate the development of new networks and projects.  
    •    To identify areas where work is being duplicated and explore ways in which knowledge/ resources can be pooled for greater impact
    •    To connect environmental work to our community and suggest opportunities for volunteering and engagement.

    There will be three meetings a year to allow members to present their projects, answer questions, and discuss further opportunities. 
    Meeting Dates:
    WEN 7pm 27 March- Town Hall
    WEN Open Day - Sat 1st July - Portway Annexe

    Climate - Our View

    1.    In order to reduce the chances of runaway Global warming and limit the effects of Climate Breakdown, it is imperative that each of us reduce our CO2 eq (carbon equivalent) emissions. The average  carbon footprint globally is 7 tonnes CO2 per adult per year. In Wells it is more likely to be around 13 tonnes per adult per year. The Council believes all governments have a duty to limit negative impacts of Climate Breakdown and the local government recognises it cannot and should not wait for national government to act. We aim to work with the local community to ensure Wells is a more sustainable city in which to live, work and visit. 

    2.    Wells City Council Climate Emergency Working Party reports monthly to Wells City Council Open Spaces Committee. The first Meeting held on 16/1/23 set the Aims for 2023-“ Winning Hearts and Minds”, with the objective to run a survey to understand what the people of Wells feel is realistic and achievable in their own lives and arrange 3 public events to showcase ways to reduce carbon footprint and engage in debate.
    Coronation Celebration- 8 May, WEN Open Day-sat 1st July -Portway Annexe.


    Useful Links

    Centre of Sustainable Energy (for energy advice and tips for reducing your bills)

    LoveFoodHateWaste (for tips, advice and recipes to reduce food waste)

    Somerset Waste Partnership (Information regarding local recycling and tips to help reduce non-recyclable waste)

    IMPACT is a parish-level carbon emission estimator, giving parishes and small communities usable data on their carbon emissions that is easy to interpret and easy to share.

    Sustainable Friends & Partners

    Sustainable Wells

    Plastic-Free Wells

    Following a resolution passed by Wells City Council in March 2018 we respectfully request that you do not bring any single-use plastic to Council premises; i.e. any plastic cutlery, plates, cups, coffee cups, cling film, Styrofoam boxes or plastic confetti. We are supporting a reduction in throw-away plastic to help the environment and to reduce this kind of waste and would appreciate your co-operation.

    Photos of Past Sustainability Events


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