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    “Wells in Bloom” judges will be out and about in June 2024, judging allotments, primary schools and nurseries, private gardens and commercial fronts and rear gardens within the Wells City Boundary. 

    The categories are the same as before. Private gardens can enter to be judged whether small or large, front or back, or patio. Businesses in Wells are invited to enter their frontages or courtyards. 

    Apply to enter 'Wells in Bloom' 2024 or forms can be collected and returned to the Town Hall

    The criteria for judging this year across all the competitions will include categories for gardens which can show evidence of sustainability and a friendly approach to the environment and wildlife, as well as presentation of planting. 

    Winners will be awarded the certificates at an Awards Ceremony in Wells Town Hall, 6pm Friday 4 October 2024.


    Wells City Council aims to make the City of Wells attractive to residents and tourists and to involve the community and schools so that as many people as possible can get involved and take pride in how their City looks.

    Wells City Council purchase the plants from local nurseries.

    Wells In Bloom is finding ways to Bee Friendly. This planter at the Bus Station has eye catching colours and flowers that the insects love.

    WCC appreciates the support from local sponsors.  If you feel you would like to become a regular sponsor and receive recognition by having your name on a plaque in the City of Wells, we would love to hear from you. 


    Wells In Bloom was originally set up by volunteers to provide floral displays in the Market Place and High Street, and since the start of the pandemic this has been continued by the City Council’s Outside Spaces team.

    Wells City Council, in partnership with volunteers, relaunched the annual Wells In Bloom competitions for Schools, Gardens and Allotments in 2022,  to recognise the valuable impact of gardening in our community in promoting  a positive health and well being as well as a positive impact on the environment.

    If you are interested in being part of the Wells in Bloom Volunteers for the judging please contact Councillor Denise Denis, email or tel 07812206693.

    Wells in Bloom 2023 Winners

    Bishops Palace Gold- Jo Brown 
    Bishops Palace Silver Gilt- Shirley Garner 
    Bishops Palace Silver- Julie and Michael Bauer, Jeanette Blackman, Dr and Mrs D Stoupe, 
    Bronze- Kath Bristow, David Gait, Rob Parnell, Aisha Waldron,

    Burcott Rd-Gold-Helena Grant & David Smith 
    Burcott Rd-Silver Gilt- Richard Crane 
    Burcott Rd-Silver-Heather Anderson 

    Barnes Close Gold-Christopher Bryan 

    Wells in Bloom Best Overall Allotments Winner- Sarah and David Smith 

    Wells in Bloom Commercial Gardens Awards 2023

    Bronze- The Swan Hotel, The Rose and Crown
    Silver- The Sun Inn
    Silver Gilt- The Globe Inn
    Gold- Wells Museum

    Wells in Bloom Community Awards 2023

    Bronze-Fletcher House
    Silver- Wells Health Centre
    Silver Gilt- Lawrence Centre, Anseres Place
    Gold- Heads Up

    Wells in Bloom Patio Awards 2023

    Bronze- Julie and Michael Bauer
    Silver- Colin Westley
    Silver Gilt- Maria Symes, Jeanne Evans
    Gold – April Bennett

    Wells in Bloom Residential Front Awards 2023

    Bronze-Margaret Robinson, Jennie Turner, Mary I’Anson, Tina and James Mercer, Sharon Brien
    Silver- Steve and Josie Wood
    Silver Gilt- Caroline &Andy Difford
    Gold – Bill and Jean MacKay

    Wells in Bloom Residential Back Awards 2023

    Bronze- Angie Benoy, Sharon Brien,  Jo Brown, Donna Bryan, Mary I’Anson, Ruth Lickford, Sheena Loveday, Tina and James Mercer, , Patricia Parfitt, Natasha Smith, Jennie Turner, 
    Silver- Richard Watts
    Silver Gilt- Steve and Josie Wood, Mr and Mrs King
    Gold- Jacky and Dick Hodgson

    Wells in Bloom Wildlife Friendly Awards 2023
    Bronze- Donna Bryan
    Silver-Margaret Robinson, Mary I’Anson, 
    Silver Gilt- Angie Benoy, Patricia Parfitt
    Gold – Sharon Brien

    Wells In Bloom Best Overall Garden Winner 2023- Jacky and Dick Hodgson

    Wells in Bloom 2022 Winners

    Back Gardens

    Overall Gold-J Fairburn, Silver Gilt-S & J Wood, Silver-J Turner, 
    Bronze-S Loveday, P Parfait, L Frey, Mrs and Mrs King, 
    Wildlife Friendly-P Parfait

    Front Gardens

    Gold- J & B MacKay, Silver Gilt-J Turner, Silver-S & J Wood, Bronze-T Perkins

    Patio Gardens

    Gold-C Costello, Silver Gilt-C Westley, Silver-J Ravenscroft, Bronze-A Bennett, B Buckley

    Commercial Gardens 

    Gold-The Lawrence Centre, Silver Gilt- Fletcher Garden Club,
    Silver-The City Arms, The Globe, Bronze-The Quarter Jack, Wells Health Centre, The Crown


    Barnes Road
    Bishops Palace
    Burcott Road

    Wells In Bloom 2022 Winners

    Wells In Bloom Sponsors

    • Alistair Glanville
    • Benevolent Lodge No 446
    • Bowleys Garage
    • Brick Peers
    • Chalmers HB Ltd
    • COOK (Wells)
    • Custom Cameras Ltd
    • Derek & June Cooper
    • Friends of Almshouses
    • HAMRA
    • Mendip Ladies Group
    • Mr & Mrs Adams
    • Harris & Harris
    • JenBee
    • M5 Data
    • Miss Robinson / Mr McCormack Kin Kajou Know-How LTD
    • Mr & Mrs D Masters
    • Mr & Mrs J Horler
    • Mr & Mrs North
    • Mr & Mrs P J Hopton
    • Mrs J M Berry
    • Mrs V Nasmyth
    • Rock House Dental Practice
    • Rotary Club Wells
    • Somerset Forge
    • St Cuthberts Church
    • Studleys Jewellers
    • Sylvia & Richard Hanks
    • The Swan Hotel
    • Tweedie Evans Consulting Ltd
    • Unwins Funeral Directors
    • Webb & Co
    • Wells Chamber of Commerce
    • Wells Civic Society
    • Wells Film Centre
    • Wells Lions Club
    • Wells Walking Tours
    • Thatchers Cider
    • Lavinia Byrne
    • Chris Brandon
    • Mr Derek Bellew
    • Jasmine Browne
    • Steve Luck
    • Kevin Westwood
    • Stewart Cursley
    • Philip Welch
    • Denise Denis
    • Sarah Powell
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