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    14 December 2021

    Mayor's Diary 07/12/20

    Mayors Diary 07/12/20

    Wells rarely receives a mention on regional TV news so when Points West asked to interview me as mayor about whether we should be lumped in Tier 2 with other places when we had far fewer Covid cases than them I quickly said yes.

    This was also a chance to record the work of Wells Coronavirus Network’s brilliant 300 volunteers who support more than 500 vulnerable people with their services.

    So we lined up volunteer Viv Burgess walking two photogenic pugs dressed in Christmas jackets for the BBC to film.

    The crew were very interested and spent a lot of time interviewing Viv and filming her with the dogs, who did not say much, by the Bishop’s Eye arch.

    Sadly the Points West editor back in Bristol decided not to broadcast that footage, the charming little pugs went without their moment of fame and the BBC chose instead just to feature my unphotogenic frontage.

    Meanwhile very few events that a Mayor of Wells would attend in have survived the Covid-10 restrictions.

    Previous mayors have attended 14 carol services in December. The mayoress and I have only one in our diary, in Wells Cathedral on December 30 where the congregation will be a third of the usual size because of the necessary social distancing.

    After that the next mayoral event will be opening an exhibition at Wells Museum… in June 2021.

    Mayor's Diary

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