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    10 October 2023

    Wells In Bloom 2023 - Winners Announced!

    WIB 2023 Winners Announced!

    Deputy Mayor Jasmine Browne handed out the trophies and certificates to the winners this year. She said the standard was high and thanked the judges, Town Hall staff, and of course the entrants!

    The judges this year were:
    Gardens, Commercial and Community- Cathy Hathway, Emma Conner and Sallyanne Cross
    Allotments- Maureen Bailey and David Thompson
    Schools Awards, July 2023- Linda Thomas and Jennifer Owen

    Categories and Winners:
    Bishops Place Gold- Jo Brown 
    Bishops Palace Silver Gilt- Shirley Garner 
    Bishops Palace Silver- Julie and Michael Bauer, Jeanette Blackman,
     Dr and Mrs D Stoupe, 
    Bronze- Kath Bristow, David Gait, Rob Parnell, Aisha Waldron,

    Burcott Rd-Gold-Helena Grant & David Smith 
    Burcott Rd-Silver Gilt- Richard Crane 
    Burcott Rd-Silver-Heather Anderson 
    Barnes Close Gold-Christopher Bryan 
    Wells in Bloom Best Overall Allotments Winner- Sarah and David Smith 

    Wells in Bloom Commercial Gardens Awards 2023

    Bronze- The Swan Hotel, The Rose and Crown
    Silver- The Sun Inn
    Silver Gilt- The Globe Inn
    Gold- Wells Museum

    Wells in Bloom Community Awards 2023

    Bronze-Fletcher House
    Silver- Wells Health Centre
    Silver Gilt- Lawrence Centre, Anseres Place
    Gold- Heads Up

    Wells in Bloom Patio Awards 2023

    Bronze- Julie and Michael Bauer
    Silver- Colin Westley
    Silver Gilt- Maria Symes, Jeanne Evans
    Gold – April Bennett

    Wells in Bloom Residential Front Awards 2023

    Bronze-Margaret Robinson, Jennie Turner, Mary I’Anson, Tina and James Mercer, Sharon Brien
    Silver- Steve and Josie Wood
    Silver Gilt- Caroline &Andy Difford
    Gold – Bill and Jean MacKay

    Wells in Bloom Residential Back Awards 2023

    Bronze- Angie Benoy, Sharon Brien,  Jo Brown, Donna Bryan, Mary I’Anson, Ruth Lickford, Sheena Loveday, Tina and James Mercer, , Patricia Parfitt, Natasha Smith, Jennie Turner, 
    Silver- Richard Watts
    Silver Gilt- Steve and Josie Wood, Mr and Mrs King
    Gold- Jacky and Dick Hodgson

    Wells in Bloom Wildlife Friendly Awards 2023
    Bronze- Donna Bryan
    Silver-Margaret Robinson, Mary I’Anson, 
    Silver Gilt- Angie Benoy, Patricia Parfitt
    Gold – Sharon Brien

    Wells In Bloom Best Overall Garden Winner 2023- Jacky and Dick Hodgson

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