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    14 December 2021

    Mayor's Diary 17/08/21

    Mayors Diary 17/08/21

    The city council’s Mace will be included in the six-metre diameter Wells in Mosaic which will be installed on the Recreation Ground once it is finished.

    “This extraordinary and ambitious project has my full support,” said the Mayor, Councillor Philip Welch after visiting the workshop where Wells artist Ruth Ames-White is building the mosaic.

    “This huge walkable map of Wells will attract national attention and create an extra draw for the visitors on which the city’s economy depends.”

    He is pictured with Ruth holding the piece of the mosaic that includes the city council’s Mace. In the foreground is Wells Town Hall.

    The great charter of Queen Elizabeth I in 1589 granted the borough the right to appoint two Serjeants-at-Mace (or Mace-Bearers). Nowadays their role is largely ceremonial, being primarily to attend and accompany the council.

    The present elaborately ornamented, silver-gilt maces were acquired in 1660, shortly after the Restoration of Charles II that year.

    Ruth is a third of the way through the three-year building of the mosaic which will comprise 350,000 little pieces.

    The website provides more information.

    Mayor's Diary

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